Bele Poklade

Poklade is the Serbian name of the last day on which it’s allowed to eat meat and milk products before spring fasting (40 days before Easter) Great festivites are made on this day, and young men dress up in masks and go through the village, while villagers  give them meat, cakes and eggs (which were very valued gifts in the last century in Serbian villages), and later jumped over fire. The point of these celebrations is the whorshipment of spring and driving away the evil spirits. It’s rarely practiced today, and these pictures are from 2011 from village Lozovik where young boys and girls with the help of their teachers decided to revive this custom which has roots deep in the pagan times.    

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インドで「新石器時代から伝わる」祭り『ティヤム』の装束が見たら忘れられないインパクト | DDN JAPAN

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Before they pass away by Jimmy Nelson

Samburu tribe - Kenya

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"Careto" de Parada PORTUGAL by carlos gonzález ximénez on Flickr.

Carnaval in Portugal

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Shamanic funeral ceremony  in Azerbaijan.

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Irving Penn / Cat Woman, New Guinea, 1970

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Is this enough jewelry? I’m not sure if it’s enough. #me

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Omo woman:
Omo river valley, Ethiopia


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Glenn Losack MD1

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The Master Woodblock Printer at Work, Uzbekistan.

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